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BX-PA08S/R Intelligent LED Display Meter
BX-PA08S/R Intelligent LED Display Meter
Model: BX-PA08S/R Our Brand: BENXU
Material: PA Specification: Display resolution 1/9999

BX-PA08S/R Intelligent LED Display Meter

This intelligent LED display meter,specially design for two-wire circuit,adopt the advanced technology of Germany,it has the characteristics of high precision, good stability and high reliability.


1,LED display,the problem that the LCD cannot be displayed in the dark environment is thoroughly solved.

2,There is no need for another power supply.

3,Display physical quantity programmable:pressure,flow,temperature,PH value etc.

4,Display resolution 1/9999.

5,Output with isolated switch,can drive no more than 100mA devices,can be displayed on the spot,control and alarm.

6,Can work for 4VDC.

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