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BX-S826 e20 Snap Action Switch
BX-S826 e20 Snap Action Switch
Model: BX-S826 e20 Our Brand: BENXU
Material: Polycarbon Specification: 0.5mm-1m/s

BX-S826 e20 Snap Action Switch


1,The contact action is sensitive and reliable,the precision is high,the service life is long,and the appearance is beautiful.

2,Adopt the engineering plastics with excellent insulation properties which have the characteristics of fire resistance,enhancement,high heat resistance and durability.

3,Can be customized according to different requirements.

The principle of Magnetic blowing Arc extinguishing:

Under the action of the magnetic field produced by a magnetic blow line in series with the contact, the arc is elongated by the action of the electromagnetic force, blown into the arc extinguishing cover composed of the solid medium, in contact with the solid medium, the arc is cooled or extinguished, and the permanent magnetism uses the magnetic blowing magnetic field to extinguish the arc by using the breaking current too long arc.


Factory general equipment,mining industry,construction machinery

Locomotive room equipment,Electric power industry,In the field of ships

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