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BX-DS3A Pressure Sensor Meter

BX-DS3A Pressure Sensor Meter

Model BX-DS3A Our Brand BENXU
Material ABS Specification Input:DC 0-10V/0-54mV/4-20mA

BX-DS3A Pressure Sensor Meter


1, The instrument can measure any range of Current or Voltage signal input.

2, The user can select data remained or top value remained. The instrument can be use with 2 wire

transmitter, pressure sensor,4 wire weight sensor and so on. For non-linear input, the instrument can process for 20 stages.As well the instrument can be with RS485 communication.

3, The input, output and the power supply is isolated.

二,Technical Parameters:

Input: DC 0-10V/0-75mV/4-20mA

Output: DC 4-20mA

Accuracy: +/-0.3%F.S +/-2digit

Power: 90-260V AC or 24V DC

Consumption: ≤ 5VA

Sampling rate: ≤8 times/second

Will be suitable for pressure transmitter with 0-10V or 0-75mV or 4-20mA output.

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