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BX-DPS31 Digital Pressure Switch
BX-DPS31 Digital Pressure Switch
Model: BX-DPS31 Our Brand: BENXU
Material: Stainless Steel Specification: -1bar...0-600bar

BX-DPS31 Digital Pressure Switch

BX-DPS31P Positive Pressure Digital Pressure Switch

BX-DPS31N Negative Pressure Digital Pressure Switch

BX-DPS31D Dual Output Digital Pressure Switch


1, Setting pressure limits by your requirements;
2, Clear indicating by 4-ways LED digital value;
3, Relay signal output to avoid the device operate invalidly frequently;
4, Have longer life time by comparison with traditional mechanism switch;
5, Nice controlling accuracy, anti-vibration, strong anti-jamming ability and fast response;

6, Anti-vibration,strong anti-jamming ability;

7, Easy to connect the wires and install;

8, Display and control the pressure in time;

9, Can set upper/lower limit value and set alarm point;

10, It can keep all setting when the power cut off;

11, Will work 50000,000-10000,000 times if use everyday.

二,Technical Parameters:

Pressure Range:0-16bar etc

Overload Capacity:150%

Output:Relay output

Output Relay Capacity:220V AC 5A

Power Supply:220V AC;24V DC;380V AC

Alarm Point Setting: can set any point in the full scale


Measurement Medium: which is compatible with stainless steel

Using Temperature:-20 to 65C

Installation Connection: M20*1.5;G1/2;G1/4;NPT1/4 etc

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