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BX-LS510 Non-Corrosive Medium Level Transmitter
BX-LS510 Non-Corrosive Medium Level Transmitter
Model: BX-LS510 Our Brand: BENXU
Material: Stainless Steel Specification: 0-200mH2O

BX-LS510 Level Transmitter


1, Prevent from the surge voltage, over-voltage, over-current and the protection of reversed polarity;

2, Do the test to make sure the ability of overload resistance and shock resistance,precisely ensure the

overload capacity;

3, Implement the electromagnetic interference resistance to avoid the problem taken place under the

condition of complicated electromagnetism environment;

4, All sensitive chips are from the imported OEM parts,in order to keep the long-term stability.

二,Technical Parameters:

Measurement Range:0~0.5m~200mH2O

Measurement Medium:Liquid which is compatible with 316L stainless steel(can choose the anti-corrosive for special use)


Overload Capacity:Two times full-scale pressure

Power Supply:9-32VDC

Output Signal:4-20mA/0-5VDC etc

Using Temperature:-20120

Compensation Temperature Range:-1080



Long-term Stability:(typical):±0.1%FS/year

Protection Class:Outer shell-IP68

Shell Material:304L/316L stainless steel

Explosion-proof Type:Exia II CT6

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