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BX-LS210 Ceramic Capacitive Level Transmitter
BX-LS210 Ceramic Capacitive Level Transmitter
Model: BX-LS210 Our Brand: BENXU
Material: 316L or PTFE(polytetrafluoretyhylene) Specification: 0~2kPa/0.2m~500m

BX-LS210 Ceramic Capacitive Level Transmitter

LS210 level transmitter applies to ceramic capacitive pressure sensor as the core component.

Depending on the size of the sensor used,it has two types of LS210 and LS210S,they adopt special technology,the inside has the function of triple protection,a thorough settlement of the problem for condensation of moisture,large measurement area is contacted between diaphragm and medium,easy to clean but not easy to clog up,ceramic pressure sensor with good corrosion resistance,applies to advanced digital circuit technology,with zero tracking function, linear compensation function and temperature compensation function,it’s optional for display,HART or RS485 communication.Widely uses for deep water measurement or small range measurement,can work for corrosive liquid.


Water Level Measurement of River,Lake and Reservoir; Municipal Water Supply

Hydrological Exploration; Underground Water; Well Water; Hydropower Station Detection Platform

Terrestrial Heat; Locomotive Tank; Petroleum; Tank Farm; Electric Power Plant; Chemical Plant

Sewage Disposal; Sea-going Freighter; Tanker Cabin; Fresh Water Tank; Ship and Marine System Testing

Water Conservancy; Ocean Experiment Project; Industrial Equipment; Military Weapon Equipment Test

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